Teaching Staff


teaching staffs

Our Teaching staff is trained with a collection of skills and approaches to teaching our students. By allowing teachers to bring different aspects of teaching and learning. The curriculum will provide opportunities to improve skills not only in education but also in a variety of other related fields. Both of which contribute to the development of a well-rounded personality. Which the younger generation will look up to and therefore affect. Communication skills, personality growth, courtesy and presentation, current events, and common awareness. These are several of the other disciplines that teaching staff would include in the curriculum in order to encourage students to become enthusiastic learners.

Section Heads

Mrs. Jorgina Sara Sobi teaching staffs

Jorgina Sara Mathew


Mrs. Silvy Susan Chandy teaching staffs

Mrs. Silvy Susan Chandy


Mrs. Sindhu G Nair teaching staffs

Mrs. Sindhu G Nair

Middle School

Mr. Bilo Chandy teaching staffs

Mr. Bilo Chandy


Mrs. Jolly Titus teaching staffs

Mrs. Jolly Titus

High School

Mrs. Valsamma John teaching staffs

Mrs. Valsamma John

Junior College